Full nitrox wraps have always seemed a bit overdramatic to us, and anyhow we use our tanks for so many different mixes that a nitrox wrap would misinform as often as it would inform. Our books have always suggested using stickers that clearly warn that the a tank may contain mixes other than air, without specifying which. We have been flattered to see some of the tech agencies take up our suggestion and begin marketing such stickers, but decided it was time we got into the game with our own offerings.

The Voodoo Gas name, by the way, harkens back to the early days of recreational nitrox, when its use was vigorously opposed by powerful forces in the dive community, who denigrated it as "Voodoo Gas" while warning of the epidemic of untreatable cases of the bends that would inevitably follow its use. We alway liked the name, and figured it was time to immortalize it. The NOT YOUR TANK sticker is the result of numerous reports of divers on dive boats having their tanks "borrowed" by clueless divers (who were, in several cases, instructed to do so by equally clueless instructors or divemasters) who would then proceed to do such things with them as 100' dives on 50/50! The Darwin sticker? Let's just say it's an intelligent design.

The VOODOO GAS, NOT YOUR TANK and OXYHACKER MIX stickers include a full "official" warning text, that the tank may contain mixes other than air, and to check the contents sticker for current analysis, so they can function as serious warning labels without being too stuffy about it.

The large stickers can be used vertically as warning labels, or horizontally as cut-rate tank wraps. They also make great bumper stickers for your car or truck. The smaller Voodoo gas sticker are handy for stage, pony and rebreather bottles. The large sticker can also be trimmed to 9" X 3" for use on smaller tanks. Stickers are weather-proof vinyl printed with UV-resistant inks, just like the ones everyone else sells for $4-10.

Large VOODOO GAS (12" X 3") $2 each

Small VOODOO GAS ( 6" X 3") $1 each

NOT YOUR TANK (6" X 3") $1 each

DARWIN WANTS ME DEAD (6" X 3") $1 each

OXYHACKER MIX (9" x 3") One free with each order, if you want more they are $1 each.

Shipping is $2 for any number of stickers in the USA and $4 overseas, and stickers ride free with book orders. If you order stickers without a book order, you must select the appropriate amount of postage on the sticker section of our shopping cart. If you don't we'll probably just send you a few less stickers to make up for the missing postage.

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